Qubes 4.2 audio issues - Need to reset audio output for each new Qube audio use

I’ve recently upgraded to the testing 4.2 release and the audio is playing up, where I will have audio initially upon boot, and then when I open a different VM and try to play something I will have no audio across all VM’s. I’m running KDE plasma.

This also results in video embeds freezing in place, so embedded video will not play also.

When I unplug and replug-in the headphones jack I get sound back sometimes. This is only temporary and the problem will repeat itself shortly thereafter. This issue is also temporarily fixed by going in to pulseaudiocontroller and manually changing the output mode to a different one and back again. It appears to default to “Analog stereo duplex” but the issue arises when I set it to “analog stereo output” also.

When I grep journalctl for audio, some things that stand out are:

"no output name for alsa_output.pci(numbers).analog-stereo
and the same message for "analog-stereo.monitor.

reference error: source model is not defined

failed to create sink input: sink is suspended

From pulseaudio -v

error opening pcm device hdmi…
UCM is not supported for this HDM model

I also do not have an internal microphone attached, i removed it.

Should I follow this and install pipewire-pulseaudio in my template VM’s? V4.2 Pipewire Installation - #2 by dro212

I have made an effort to troubleshoot this before posting here online using the archlinux page on pulseaudio troubleshooting etc. but I can’t find a thread I’m capable of chasing down. Help would be appreciated.


The qubes pipewire packages are installed by default in the debian 12 and Fedora 38 templates so long as you install the 4.2 versions from the official sources.

You linked my post from Demi. The pipewire service may need to be started as per the thread you linked.

The exact details of your problem I cant speak too, but I always find this post helpful. For some reason I always have audio trouble and this solves it for me.

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This appeared to have worked!

I’ll update this thread if the issue reverts, but at present all the issues have resolved after following the solution in that thread

Comment out the following in /etc/pulse/default.pa: # load-module module-suspend-on-idle Restart PulseAudio

Thank you @dro212 for the help!

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I figured it out !
By “Comment Out” you meant disable line of code from a file.
It’s working right now.

And that’s how noob, can be blown away with such a simple task.

Hei, I have same issue on KDE X11 with 4.2.0 Stable.
Would you be so nice, to walk me thru this instruction.
I'm noob in Qubes.
And sometimes I get lost when it come, to where paste/delete/copy commands.