Qubes 4.1 sys-firewall cannot access net

I’ve just started playing around with 4.1 and have run into some issues.

The first is that the default sys-firewall cannot connect to the internet via sys-net. ping tests show Destination Host Unreachable for sys-firewall, while sys-net has no issues. After confirming that sys-firewall configurations have nothing out of the ordinary, I started tinkering with sys-net–I modified kernelopts to nopat iommu=soft swiotlb=8192 apparmor=1 security=apparmor, manually disabling service meminfo-writer, etc. but nothing works. Sys-firewall remains unable to reach the internet (and yes, it has sys-net as its netvm).

One suspicion I haven’t tested out is that it might be because it’s Debian-based, but this wasn’t an issue in 4.0.3 and an issue this serious should’ve either never made it out the gate or be reported a lot.

The second issue is that I don’t know where TemplateVMs proxy their updates from as /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.UpdatesProxy no longer includes an entry for $Type: TemplateVMs. There’s nothing indicating where TemplateVMs should get their updates from, so I presume it’s from whichever VM has service qubes-updates-proxy enabled.

Perhaps you are experiencing the same as this issue?

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Thanks for the lightning-fast responses! I should start searching Github before posting here to avoid cluttering up the space.

Yes, please search GitHub issues, site:qubes-os.org/doc with Google, the Discourse forum, old qubes-users archives, qubes-devel archives, and Reddit before even thinking of asking a question!

I’m kidding. I just happen to coincidentally be browsing qubes-issues when you submitted this thread.

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