Qubes 4.1 rc2 freezing

so in Discourse appears there is not function to delete a post, lol

it possible to delete post in discourse, just the moderator turn off it

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today I’ve had like 5 freezes, am trying various things like giving dom0 more memory, and changing to the older kernel, changing UEFI settings somewhat randomly, like now I’ve re-engaged “speedstep”, have some appvm’s that seem to now be corrupted, so not using them or deleting them ; etc

if this were to continue I think I’ll have to go back to 4.0.4 , but keep thinking it might be stable like it has been for stretches of time.

I can report back that since installing my Nvidia GTX 1080ti i havent had another freeze. The bug must effect older NVIDIA cards.

My Nvidia graphic card, which shows the flickering, is an old one, too: GeForce GT530.