Qubes 4.1 network connection extremally slow

Since updating to Qubes 4.1 I have bee having a lot of issues resolving domain names. Popular domain names like google and yhaoo load instantly, but others such as github.com and slack.com either take an extremely long time to load, or not at all. This issue also extends to processes that I try to complete via the CLI. For instance, I use a version of emacs called spacemacs, and sometimes spacemacs has to reach out to its server to download some additional packages. Virtually every time my AppVMs attempt this a connection can not be made. My sys-net VM is currently based on a bare (no updates applied) Fedora-34 template, but throughout this process I have tried changing the template used to Fedora-33 and Fedora-32 and have not had any success. Additionally, I can ping all of the domain names with either the domain name or the IP address with no issues. After a fresh install of Qubes 4.1, I don’t experience any issues reaching different webpages and installing packages, but overtime the functionality deteriorates. Below I will provide a list of trouble shooting steps I have attempted:

  • Restarted all Template and AppVms multiple times and on different occasions.
  • Restarted entire computer multiple times
  • Fresh OS install of Qube 4.1 multiple times
  • Created new sys-net VMs from scratch
  • Connected app VMs directly to sys-net
  • Downloaded fresh Template VMs from Qubes repository
  • Update template via “sudo dnf update”
  • Updated the kernal via “qubes-dom0-update”