Qubes 4.1 install - black screen


Trying to install 4.1. Specs:

HP Pavilion 15-eh0xxx
AMD Athlon Gold 3150u
AMD Picasso / Raven 2 graphics

Secure boot disabled.
Running in verbose mode, gets stuck:

Call trace:

? xen_safe_halt

? start_kernel
? xen_start_kernel
? startup_xen

rcu_sched kthread timer wakeup didn’t happen for 180002 jiffies!
rcu possible timer handling issue on cpu=0
rcu_sched kthread starved for 6002 jiffies!
rcu Unless rc_sched kthread gets sufficient CPU time, OOM is now expected behaviour

I’ve tried various things:
Different USB sticks (using 5.8 GB partition on 64 GB USB)
Different write methods: dd, Gnome
There is no BOOTX64.cfg to edit
No legacy mode in BIOS


Thank you.