Qubes 4.1 freezing up

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my daily driver from Qubes 4.0 to Qubes 4.1 and I’m having troubles with this new upgrade:
(This is a fairly new machine with 64GB ram and it performed very well in the past)

  1. When successfully decrypting, the login tab blurs out.
  2. Entire machine and individual VM’s locks out / freezes up. (only solution is a force restart)
  3. Sys-whonix is displayed in a red color, so I frequently need to restart it.
  4. Black screen when qubes gets into sleepmode and unable to wake it up (only solution is a force restart)

I have reinstalled Qubes 4.1 about 4 -5 times and I have updated everything! I’m clueless at this point :slight_smile:

Friendly regards

maybe try redownload the iso and use another flashdrive? Newer hardware should perform well in 4.1 rather than 4.0, so it’s a bit weird if 4.1 doesn’t go well for you.

Perhaps you could attach a picture?

What does journalctl in dom0 (or VMs) says about it?

Not sure what this means. Could you provide more details?

Which hardware do you have? Perhaps you switched on hyperthreading in BIOS (it should be off)?

Which kernel version you use on 4.1? Which one was on 4.0? Specifically: do you use kernel-latest package, or kernel (the default)?

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