Qubes-4.0.4-rc1 (some feedback and some support needed)

First some feedback:
Default theme sucks. I suggest default to have:

Appearance Style: Greybird
Font: Montserrat Medium size_11
Window Manager: None are good, need more (a bit thicker title bars needed) but meanwhile, Bluebird is doable.

RAM usage is beyond words. On my Parabola system, Plasma uses 500MB of RAM max while doing nothing. Qubes dom0 itself uses 4GB!!! I have 16GB ram and almost all of it is used currently. I have 7 Qubes open. Not many processes in them, 3 applications, firefox, keepassxc and ‘qubes update’. This must must must go down!

Qubes-update should print more while updating, not just after updating.

Help needed:

How to install linux-libre kernel? And have only free packages?

Will it break anything? I’ve found Qubes to be extremely sensitive to tinkering.

There are no gentoo and archlinux templates in the community repo. I use the command:
sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community qubes-template-archlinux qubes-template-gentoo
No match for argument: qubes-template-archlinux
No match for argument: qubes-template-gentoo

I feel lucky to be using Qubes! Thanks guys for this fantastic OS!

No, you have a misconception. Qubes dynamically allocates all available memory among running VMs (including dom0). As you start more VMs, memory will be re-allocated among them. The amount of memory currently allocated to a VM is not indicative of how much memory that VM requires, but rather how much total memory is in your system and how many VMs are currently running, among other things. For the technical details, see:

Ok @adw . So that’s just the allocation. Does dom0 task manager shows the complete picture? It shows 19% currently, about 3GB. Which is still ok.

You’ll probably have to use some Xen command-line tools to get what you want. Try searching other threads and the mailing lists for past discussions on that.

I searched in the mailing lists qubes-users and qubes-devel. There are no instructions with regards to free-dora wrt xen, and steps for installation. There are some normal philosophical discussions.