Qubes 4.0.3 becomes unusable

I’ve had a few installs of the just superseded qubes having just now installed the latest. But my question relates to the same problem I had on two installs of the earlier version.

Let me say that I am not a heavy user of qubes so its not like I am playing with it doing all manner of things. I don’t use it as a daily driver.

But to my question. For no reason that I can fathom two installs of qubes just stopped recognising my LUKS password. I did find out that inputting the pw slowly could get me in which is does, sort of. Now bear with my lack of Linux experience and I don’t have logs of this as I’ve scraped the installs with the newer release but I’d love to see if this issue is well known.

Even after I have gotten past the LUKS log in screen it takes me a screen with printout telling me that (from memory this is) that it couldn’t find dom0 and it telling me I should regnerate some file (initframs?) and leaving me with prompt “dracut”.

That’s the limit of my memory of it. My question relates to why this happens which may be a big ask with so little information. But considering that one day I am using the system very lightly, its working perfectly as I said, not doing much, and then I shut it down only to boot it up next time and be faced with a pc that gives me the above and (for me at least) renders it useless. At least I got good at installing qubes.

Is this a known problem with qubes? Is it possible that I am somehow contributing to this issue? Not that I can see it with the little I do.

I know that this isn’t the usual way that things are presented and that logs may have be more useful, but I just felt that I had to ask the question. Many thanks if anybody takes this on and offers me some insight.

I did look for some solution to this by using this dracut prompt but they all exceeded my meager Linux skills.

It sounds like a hardware issue - a bad hard drive or even bad RAM…

Thanks for the reply. Maybe, but its happened on two different Dells (a E6530 and a E6430). And, sorry to say, both with hds and RAM not even twelve months old. I’m typing this on the 6530 and working beautifully, so far, anyway.

I had hoped that someone may have said “yeh, that happened to me” or something like that.

2 different machines makes it very unlikely to be hardware :slight_smile:

I can’t offer any suggestions - I’ve not had any problems like the ones you describe…

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