Qube Apps File Footprints?

I want to have a different set of applications for a qube, based on symlink binding.

When not bound, I want the qube to show one set of available apps, and a different set of available apps when bound.

What is the top level I can do this at?

Drilling down I see in dom0:

Inside I see .desktop files. I can imagine this is where all the qube apps are defined. And when a qube is loaded, this is the folder Dom0 references to initialize the qube?

And if I bound this to another locations, I could get 2 different sets of apps for the same qube, depending on binding?

Are there any other folders I would have to bind?

Next: Where is the actual installed app data stored for the template?

If I bind those 2 folders, are there any other folders or config files dom0 would reference to initialize app state?

Have you read this? App menu shortcut troubleshooting | Qubes OS