Qmv-ls has a field FLAGS, what do the flags mean?

as far as I can see, not documented in --help, manpage or dev docs

Try qvm-ls --help-columns

that lists the fields, or columns. it doesn’t list what the flags the FLAGS column lists actually indicate. it only says they are “fancy”

I mean it’s documented?

What flags you have there ?

a, t, U, N, r, and more

ah i see, so that’s what you mean, check this :

        Type of domain.

        0   AdminVM (AKA Dom0)
        aA  AppVM
        dD  DisposableVM
        sS  StandaloneVM
        tT  TemplateVM

        When it is HVM (optimised VM), the letter is capital.

        type_codes = {
            'AdminVM': '0',
            'TemplateVM': 't',
            'AppVM': 'a',
            'StandaloneVM': 's',
            'DispVM': 'd',

        Current power state.

        r   running
        t   transient
        p   paused
        s   suspended
        h   halting
        d   dying
        c   crashed
        ?   unknown

    updateable = simple_flag(3, 'U', 'updateable',
        doc='If the domain is updateable.')

    provides_network = simple_flag(4, 'N', 'provides_network',
        doc='If the domain provides network.')

    installed_by_rpm = simple_flag(5, 'R', 'installed_by_rpm',
        doc='If the domain is installed by RPM.')

    internal = simple_flag(6, 'i', 'internal',
        doc='If the domain is internal (not normally shown, no appmenus).')

    debug = simple_flag(7, 'D', 'debug',
        doc='If the domain is being debugged.')

    autostart = simple_flag(8, 'A', 'autostart',
        doc='If the domain is marked for autostart.')

class FlagsColumn(Column):
    '''Some fancy flags that describe general status of the domain.'''
    # pylint: disable=no-self-use

    def __init__(self):
        super().__init__(head='FLAGS', doc=self.__class__.__doc__)

    def type(self, vm):