Q4.1: Qube Manager, unwanted behavior

Qubes Manager closes sometimes if I want to shutdown a VM.
I like to have it staying open to act like a menue, to see all my many VMs
and their states.
In Q4.0 the qubes-manager stays always open.

Maybe this is a bug.

It just closes by itself when you use it to shutdown a qube? That does sound like a bug.

Yes it just closes. Sometimes, It closed after I changed the settings of a VM (e.g. added more RAM, as I have plenty)

BTW: I would like to have an option to just click a check box to disable swap
in the memory size screen.

I know, one could comment out the swap space in /etc/fstab, but just clicking
a box would be nicer.

It’s somehow unstable indeed. See also:

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QM also doenst update the VM status under several conditions in 4.1.
For example if a VM fails to start due to PCI pass-through errors etc.
VM will continue showing active in QM until QM is restarted.

Then there is also the issue with it not using the correct theme which requires some complicated workaround.

IMO this should be a bug, since every time you see this behavior, /var/lib/systemd/coredump will have one more core dump.

If you want to locally fix the problem before the official patch reach your installation, you may take your risk and try this patch in your dom0.

Please file a bug report, if there isn’t one already.

I have this precise bug, what should I do about it ? QM is not crashing, its just not updating the VM status, so would the patch apply in this situation too ?

Haven’t been around in ages–hope everyone’s doing well. Hope anyone from Ukraine is safe and sound.

I have this problem (maybe not exactly this), but it’s been something that’s been around for ages. On my Intel 10th Gen laptops the issue has been around since around 2020. I never bothered reporting it since I figured something like this would be fixed by release, but it hasn’t.

Basically, fiddling with qube settings, shutting down VMs, etc. can lead to the manager window just vanishing. I don’t know exactly what triggers it, but it’s something along the lines of ‘interacting with qubes’.

While I’m here: Everybody’s probably busy with more pressing concerns, but I just want to say that since R4.1 has been released with major changes to qrexec, it would be beneficial to the project if documentation referencing changes to no-longer-existent qrexec policies be updated before newcomers get extremely confused and discouraged by having to deal with outdated documentation on top of having to learn a new mode of computing. E.g. The pages for configuring sudo prompt and Yubikey. @adw

Also, @tasket just wanted to say that your github.com/tasket/qubes-scripts works fine, but github.com/tasket/qubes-vm-hardening doesn’t seem fully compatible with R4.1 (configure-sudo-prompt is flat incompatible due to the qrexec changes mentioned earlier). Booting certain Debian-11-minimal templates on a fresh Qubes installation with vm-boot-protect enabled can sometimes trigger its defenses leading to a terminal error message and a dom0 notification that something was written to dom0 (I don’t fully remember the details). Maybe this is an issue on my end.


P.S. has anyone figured out how to make minimal templates display sudo prompts yet? And are suspend and hibernate still not supposed to work on newer machines?

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