Pushing command to HVM with qvm-run fails


I’m trying to push commands from dom0 to an openSUSE HVM. The commands seems to get pushed fine, but return:

connect: No such file or directory

The output is returned in red, wich if I’ve been guessing correct so far, means that it’s coming from an external system, in this case the HVM (still a bit new to Linux hehe).

I’ve tried various arguments, -u, -p, --pass-io, with the actual command in quotations. Didn’t manage to do it without. I even tried --no-colour-output. Didn’t influence the output color as such.

Thanks in advance.

Have you installed qubes tools for openSUSE? Where did you get them?

Haa! Right after I posted this last night I started thinking, I probably need to install something in openSUSE to make this work. Looks like I was right. :smiley:

Where can I get Qubes tools for openSUSE and other distro’s? I’ll be using Arch, Alpine and OpenBSD in the near future as well.

Found 'em. Thnx for replying unman. :+1: