Purism Librem Mini v1 Qubes 4.1

The Librem Mini V1 has the Intel 8650U chip. I was originally using Pureboot with the Librem Mini and every time I booted the machine I would have to regenerate the TOTP and reset TPM with 4.1. Also suspend never worked. So I reverted back to Coreboot. Suspend now works better. It crashes upon wakeup “only” 50 percent of the time now. It crashed upon Restore Backup the first time I attempted. I had to reboot the system. The second time I was able to restore without an issue. Everything else including the audio, ethernet, and usb ports appear to work fine. This is my report after several days of use. On a 1 to 10 scale of usability (10 being best) I would rate the machine a 7 with Qubes 4.1.

Qubes-HCL-Purism-Librem_Mini-20221124-101106.yml (840 Bytes)

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I would now give usability an 8 of 10. It crashes about 20 to 25 percent of the time going into or coming out of suspend, not 50 percent.