Publicity for Qubes: Qvm-Create-Windows-Qube is Currently on the Front Page of Hacker News


I just figured this would be a good place to mention that Qvm-Create-Windows-Qube is currently on the front page of Hacker News. Currently, it’s sitting at 14th place with 57 points but it was at 9th, 10th (top 10!), 11th then 12th for quite a long time.

I thought the Qubes Core Team as well as perhaps others may be interested as this is a good little bit of publicity for Qubes which can hopefully help (a little bit) to increase its userbase!

I made sure to answer all the questions in the comments accurately and in a such way that made Qubes OS look really good (because it is). Additionally, I left a note that my project isn’t officially endorsed by Qubes OS (or Whonix).

Link to submission:

Link to front page:


Congrats and thank you, @elliotkillick!


I’m lazy, but this time need to login at HN and upvote :slight_smile:

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Nice! But still no way to create a template without manual intervention :-/

In this day and age and with everything going on

It is more important to fly under the radar, then to draw too much attention to yourself…