ProtonVPN is stuck

I don’t how I feel about ProtonVPN, but I wanted to at least try using it. I was able to install the GUI in a template and set up an AppVM that requesting it to provide network, but the ProtonVPN GUI stalls after I enter my username and password with both sys-firewall and sys-whonix as the connection provider.

I read through the similar post, but didn’t know what I should do.

I have previously had questions about ProtonVPN, but they are open source, so although I still have concerns I want to try this.

There are many other protonVPN-related quesions here. See if any of the threads answers yours already:

Or continue those threads. There’s no need to start a new one if it’s not that different of an issue. Closing this soon.

Here we discuss Qubes-specific things. For questions like these we have the #all-around-qubes category (for trust level 2+ users) or you can ask for example on .

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