Prompt for disk encryption password invisible when laptop is docked

Hi, so today I reinstalled 4.1 testing (after the network trouble I wrote about in another thread, which I worked around by selecting fedora as default templateVM).

After installation, I first thought it was stuck at boot, until I figured out that there was a password prompt on the laptop display, which was closed. The bootloader menu was visible on the external screens connected to the docking station, but for some reason the linux kernel/initrd asked for the password on the wrong display.
This works better in ubuntu 20.04, where the the password prompt is visible on all screens.

Now my way of booting up will be to just wait some amount of time after the bootloader screen has gone, and try entering my password. Then some more waiting to see if it boots up further (meaning I typed it correctly) or retrying password entry if the machine does not seem to do anything.

Just in case it is important for this issue: The laptop is a Thinkpad T430 with intel graphics (no dedicated GPU).

I have had the same problem with a ThinkPad T520. It refuses to use the docking system’s monitor until it gets to the qubes login screen. We have no choice but to open the laptop to enter the password to decrypt the drive, then close it once the login screen is present on the external monitor.