Problems with anon-whonix

Not sure if I should be making a bug report on this. Probably I will actually.

But I’ve seen the following two issues recur a number of times:

  1. When I try to start anon-whonix a popup with the following error appears:

Qube anon-whonix has failed to start: internal error: libxenlight failed to create new domain ‘anon-whonix’

  1. I can start anon-whonix, but it failes the connectivity test. Shutting down the qube and restarting it does not help.

The only way I know to fix either of these is to restart the computer.

Fails, as in, the Tor Browser times out in connecting websites?

It does. But what I meant was the IP Check on the Whonix welcome page.

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I have reported some similar issues in here:

Interesting. I noticed that my padlock did have an X even though my connection seemed to be working fine.

I did a restart sdwdate and now the padlock is an O.

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same here since several weeks. Looks like (my) sys-whonix/swdate always lost connection after a suspend and wakeup.

I just got issue 2 again after a suspend/resume.

I made a bug report.

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My sys-whonix is non-responsive after suspend, the workaround here fixed it:

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