Problems launching disposable browsers in 4.1, i3/dmenu

Hi, i use i3 windows manager. In Qubes 4.0 when I activated dmenu and typed in a disposable VM name and the browser, it would automatically launch a disposable VM. In 4.1 this has not worked consistently.

In my last install I got 2 Tor Browsers for whonix DVM and 2 Firefoxes for Debian DVM. In my current install I only have 1 Firefox for Debian DVM. Both DVMs were created automatically by the installer.

I thought in my last install it was inconsistent whether selecting the 1st or 2nd browser in the menu would start a disposable VM. But it seems to be consistent in this install that the 1st is disposable and the 2nd launches the actual whonix-dvm. But in the debian-dvm I cannot launch a disposable VM from the menu.

Seems there is a bug that failed to create the menu item to launch disposable debian?

Is it intentional that there is now 2 browsers in the menu in the disposable Whonix (was not the case in Qubes 4.0)?

What is the correct way to create a menu option for launching disposable Debian firefox?

In .config/menus/applications-merged/ I have:

Similarly, in .local/share/qubes-appmenus/whonix-ws-16-dvm/apps/ I have:

among others. The difference is that they switch the content of Exec with X-Qubes-NonDispvmExec

Whereas in .local/share/qubes-appmenus/debian-11-dvm/apps/ I don’t have anything for Firefox, which was surprising, because debian-11-dvm: Firefox ESR is present in the menu

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This seemed to have been solved by devs, now items that launch a disposable vm are clarely marked with (dvm), thanks!