Problems installing

Hey i am trying to install qubes on my desktop
12900k + 128G + 2x1T 980 NVME+MSI PRP Z690-A DDR4 (i think this is a FW issue) 2023/07 bios
everything installs fine but there seems to be no boot loader (no EFI entry) tried the fix from the troubleshooting no change
currently i have ubuntu on one of my drives and the failed to boot qubes 4.2 RC3 (i tred 4.1 as well same) on the other. there is 3 partitions EFI/EXT4/LUKS
any one have ideas i really want to get it up and running, i have it on my laptop’s and love it. really like the new menu.

I’m not an expert but, before installation, have you tried to disable legacy mode in the bios? Maybe also the secure boot…
Also try to unplug the disk where Ubuntu is installed before installation.

yes i did try turning of legacy mode, and secure boot same outcome, no EFI entrie.

You also tried to unplug the disk where Ubuntu is installed? (before installation and when you launch Qubes-os)
Sorry i can’t help you more :confused:

Yes i did try installing with only one drive in, same outcome.

all help is vary much appreciated.

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Don’t worry, the forum is very responsive, there will be someone who will come to help you :wink:

I wouldn’t think so, I had no reply to my last post with a similar problem (and I waited many many days!). I only received a personal message of someone trying to sell me his help!

well thats not promising :frowning:
maybe ill open an issue in github then last time i did that i got closer in “short order”

MSI motherboard users with stock firmware need the following additional steps.

wow thank you vary much, i dont know how i didnt find that post. that solved it :slight_smile: do you know if i will need to do that for any updates?

Basically, not needed. However, if you want to regenerate grub.cfg, you should do it as grub.cfg in esp/EFI/qubes/ as shown below:

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/qubes/grub.cfg

This is because the grubx64.efi (bootx64.efi) generated at installation process is configured to look in esp/EFI/qubes/

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The community does its best to help others. Most of them are volunteers and do this in their free time :slight_smile:
Even if you didn’t get your answer as quickly as you would have liked, you still got it :wink:

It’s been 1 month and I haven’t received any reply to my post.

what topic are you still having problems with?

This one:

I added some new info now