Problem with qubes.UpdatesProxy

first of all I would like to thank you for your contribution to the project. What you are doing is great!

I currently have a sys-vpn machine configured as a ProxyVM with my favorite vpn and killswitch. It works perfectly, killswitch drops the connection and the firewall rules are set correctly. I modified the …/qubes.UpdatesProxy file accordingly so that all templates use my ProxyVm when updating. I’m getting a slight confusion, when my vpn connection stops working, it is not supposed to be possible to update anything via ProxyVM. However, when I run Qubes Update somehow I get a message saying that the system is already up to date.

Can it be that Qubes Update is updating the templates around my ProxyVm, if so then how can I check this? If you need more information, please let me know. Thanks

dnf is not pulling repo information every time you call it unless you use the ‘–refresh’ parameter. If you just recently updated and the caching window has not expired yet, you will get the ‘already up to date’ message without any network connection being made.

Ok, thank you. It seems to be obvious, but I haven’t consider the caching mechanism. Is it possible to run qubesctl and get more information about update like during ‘dnf upgrade -v’. I will need to play with salt by myslef or in another way will it be possible to redirect ‘dnf upgrade output’ to dom0 console?