Problem with Downloading Fedora 35, 4.1

I have been following the thread: [qubes-users] Problems with announced Fedora 35 templates

Where everyone there seemed to have arrived at a satisfied install, so I started a different thread with a different consideration to the issue.

I have an hypothesis as to what is happening.

My experiences this morning. I went to McDs, and using a Lenovo X230 with Mint Linux. I went through the process of getting online with their Garden Wall. Where a I click on a box in the web browser; I guess they are warning me that I might be in danger.

There is a small unimportant update that Mint says it wants me to download and install. so I click over to Update Manager, give it my password. And it comes back with a message saying it can not find the update.

As I have had experiences in the past where McDs has issues with their being an ISP does not allow Linux. I know what the answer is.

I start my VPN. Go through the sequence of Update Manager, giving it password. The thing works, immediately downloads the Update, Installs. and Update Manager does not remind me to do something else.

So I had a new (to me) T430 where I have installed Qubes 4.1, (at home, no internet)

I started Disp Fedora 34 - Firefox. Found the related McDs point to click on. I went to a webpage to look at news, and clicked on one of the stories to make sure the thing was working. All good.

I started the Qubes Update Manager (Upper Left, scroll down to Qubes. Qubes Update) which I told it to update those things that might not think need updating. and picked only Dom0. Which seemed to do something. and gave a check mark.

I restarted computer so dom0 update should be in effect. Got Disp Fedora 34 - Firefox. Got through Garden Wall. This time picked a different news story to click on. Seems to be working.

Upper left/System/Terminal (last one down), typed in: sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-35

and got a message of can not find. One of the ones already talked about on the earlier post. Since I had a similar problem with Mint Linux (and have seen other oddities from using McDs as an ISP) I know one solution would be to install a VPN. Sigh, that takes a bit of time. and I want to verify whether McDs as an ISP is the problem.

I go over to my public Library, closed today, but they broadcast their internet signal out onto their parking lot.

I restart the Lenovo T430. The internet connection at the public Library is just click on Library Guest (outside). No Garden Wall. No button to click on saying using Internet might not be safe. No Password. at the two red terminals, down, pick on Library Guest.

Disp Fedora 34 Firefox, and we have internet. Start terminal again, same command. Immediately finds and starts download. Fedora 35 is 1.5 GBs and took four minutes and thirty seconds to download, almost that long to install. Fedora 35 is in the list of available Qubes.

I can hypothesis that the other fellows had their Fedora 35 succeed because they were on a different internet connection. I dunno.

There is another point to all this. If a Public Internet Provider can make it difficult to do Linux Updates (if that is what is happening now)

Then it indicates some issues which can impact use-abiity of Qubes. Limitations, redirects to other websites?

Also guessing those on Qubes development team know all of this. So avoiding privacy/security issues are a matter of OpSec. ??