Problem to install Qubes os

Hello, it seems to me that you need a PC with specific components to install this distribution? How can I get around the problem? Thanks

Have you checked Qubes HCL list for further information ?

It would help to know more about the kind of errors you are encountering.

Also don’t forget there’s extensive documentation regarding troubleshooting: Documentation | Qubes OS
And specifically Installation troubleshooting: Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS

With a solution.

You can try Qubes OS on your hardware by installing it on a USB stick. If encounter any problem with that, you can ask here.


Regarding the external hard drive I can attach it to a VM but I can not access it. I think it comes from the fact that it’s not formatted as ext 4?

Regarding the external screen I did what you advised but it does not change anything. I am always obliged to make manipulations when opening the sale.

I went back to windows and I’ll see that a little later if I can, without too much hope.

If you have any other ideas, I’ll take it