Pool level deduplication?

I still think that btrfs with bees ( https://github.com/Zygo/bees ) is the direction one should look into if you really need dedupe on Qubes today.

btrfs on Qubes uses the file-reflink driver so the above will likely work.

I can’t speak to whether you might need to modify the dom0 kernel to complete the solution but if you do you might be able to get Qubes development team to take a PR.


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@brendanhoar Really interesting. Will have to test. Modified OP to reflect this as the best solution for users cloning qubes and specializing templates. (Not sure how to mark a post as solution, but above reply would be the most practical one (if working) @deeplow )

It was in the #general-discussion category, which doesn’t have solutions. I’ve moved it now to the #user-support and marked that post as the solution.

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