Polls: Do you use AEM, Whonix, VPNs, Split GPG, etc. in Qubes?


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Oh look, a first time poster using a brand new account touting a VPN service. Shouldn’t there be a rule against that? (Honest question) @deeplow

I’d tread carefully as PureVPN is based in Hong Kong (even though it doesn’t have servers there), which means it’s in the reach of Chinese authorities, despite what they may tell you.

Also, if you search “site:home.kpmg purevpn” there’s no result, and there isn’t a single document/report out there corroborating the claim. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a false claim, but the lack of official report means, at the very least, we’re missing alot of incredibly important details.

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I would like to take this back, apologize for lazy thinking, and to the Whonix/Kicksecure team for further spreading this guilt-by-association non-sense. This is not who I am or want to be.