Please explain me security of quebes especially hardware fingerprinting and networking

Hi is it same principle as whoenix???
nobody explain this:
does it spoof all hardware info ? Mac address HDD serial etc etc so is there some hardware info which is passed from actual PC
IP and tor
I hope I understand correctly
that for each cube I can set that it use TOR connection??
Right or no
finally it would be possible launch secure VM then firefox and use proxy so that final website not see that its tor traffic

working with tor browser on clearnet is impossible simply impossible not a single site i can register everything is blocked blocked blocked because of cray fraud score
these advice’s just use tor browser for your work is nonsense you cant use almost 99% websites because everyone block you or shadow ban

Qubes is about security by compartmentalization, Whonix is about anonymity.

No, if you want to achieve this behavior you need to tweak some settings:

What about it? You have the option to connect to both clearnet, and through Tor. You can also configure a VPN. You should search the forum as there are readily available guides for all these scenarios.

Indeed, you can make (almost) any qube go through Tor.

It is possible to achieve that, although not recommended by Tor. And what do you mean with “launch secure VM then firefox”?

This is not Qubes OS related, it’s a Tor limitation. With that said, I rarely have issues with Tor. Furthermore, if you do work-related operations on Tor and you have to login, you are giving up your anonymity anyway so why use Tor in the first place for this kind of browsing.

It seems like you may benefit from reading the introduction: Introduction | Qubes OS

Furthermore, many of the questions can be answered by reading the documentation: Documentation | Qubes OS

Extra how-to guides are found in the appropriate section: Guides - Qubes OS Forum


:japanese_goblin: devil advocate: Pseudonymous location privacy? Is there a better way?

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Sure, if you want location pseudo anonymity and/or encryption this could work. But at this point you might as well use a VPN and benefit from better speeds. My .02$

Haha cheers!

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