Permission Issues when creating .conf file

I appreciate this isn’t a qubes specific question, but i’m sure people reading here could benefit from it.

Am trying to write a .conf file in ‘debian-11-dvm’ so that my ‘sys-net’ will inherit changes in NetworkManager for MAC randomization.

Action: Write settings to a new file in the /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/ directory, such as 00-macrandomize.conf .

Issue: ‘Permission Denied’

Question: Why am I having permissions issues in a templatevm with passwordless root? Isn’t that sorta the point of passwordless root? Do I need to set about creating a user in my template just to work around this and assign permissions to that user? That sounds dangerous.

passwordless root means, that you can escalate your privileges to root, for example with sudo or su without needing to enter your password. This does not mean, that you have root privileges by default.

How have you tried to open/write to that file?

sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/macrandomize.conf should work.

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