Permanent usb qube

Hello, I’m trying to remove the prompt for a usb qube everytime I plug in my keyboard.
I use a kvm switch to swap between my computers, everytime I press the key a bunch of usb qubes prompts appear for me to setup. I don’t wanna have to set this up everytime I swap my peripherals to my qubes pc.

I’ve read through the usb passthrough page and created a usb qube but it still creates a temporary one each time I use my kvm switch? what is the correct way to go about this?

I have attached a USB controller to dom0 which I use for mouse and keyboard, it allows me to use my KVM switch without any USB issues.

Keep in mind, this does impact your security.

It would, of course, be helpful if you were to say what those “bunch of
prompts” actually say.
Also, you say “every time”, but I assume you mean “the first time”? Can
you be clearer about this (and “each time I use”)?

It’s normal for the usb qube to be a disposable. By default it is a
named disposable - this makes it easier to set rules that allow for
mouse and keyboard access via USB.
If you do this, then you can set the access rules once and they will
apply each time the disposable is set up.

You could set a USB controller in dom0, but this is a major security
risk and it’s unnecessary.
Do you have an encrypted drive, or need access to the USB keyboard
before Qubes has started? If so you will need to be careful when
preparing the USB disposable. I assume you have already dealt with this.

It sounds as if you have done the right thing but not made sure that the
usb is a named disposable. Can you check on this? What is the “temporary
one” called?

quoted: You could set a USB controller in dom0, but this is a major security
risk and it’s unnecessary. end of quote.
I confirm the risk, I had to reinstall already my Q4.1 one time. The causal of frozen or slow system was the USB passthrough.
After the new installation, I prefer to invest 2 or 3 seconds (click on OK) per day in security and not save 3 seconds for comfort-ability and invest hrs in the installation and recovering of data.