Perfect QubesOS Hardware with a dedicated GPU for passthrough?

I was thinking, and was trying to determine what my perfect ideal hardware would be for a computer to run QubesOS. I was surprised to find almost no options would fit my requirements

The perfect computer to run QubesOS (for me) would be one that has the following:
• QubesOS compatibility
• Ability to disable Intel Management engine (me_cleaner or simply disabling)
• Dedicated GPU to do GPU passthrough (dedicated port for GPU if laptop)
• Modern-ish hardware

Nice to haves would include:
• Potential high ram upgrade
• Smaller size
• Open source firmware/bios
• Trackpoint (if laptop)

To my surprise, there are no laptops/desktops that I have found which can fit the first requirements. The closest thing I could find would be Purism, but Purism’s laptops do not have dedicated GPUs. The closest thing I could find would be a corebooted thinkpad x230, using a dedicated GPU as seen here however it is very old hardware and will probably be slow to use.

Another solution to meet these requirements would be a custom built computer using the Z690-A motherboard, since this has recently been upstreamed to coreboot however this wouldn’t work well for people who need to move their computer around a lot, since it would be a huge build.

Does anyone know of any extra ideas to fulfill these requirements? I would love somebodies input on my thought process.

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Not a lot of laptops can do GPU pass-through. Most laptops that have both internal graphics and GPU have both display devices hard-wired to the same outputs, and they can’t be used at the same time.

You can look for a laptop with optimus hardware, as far as I know it’s your only option if you want to do GPU pass-through on a laptop. Even if you find a laptop that is physically able to do pass-through, it also needs to be supported by qubes.

Once you have checked all the boxes, you end up with a short list.

Even if you get it working, you would still need to carry around a second monitor to do the GPU pass-through.

I use Librem 14 pretty happy with it.

It looks like this requirement makes your question very different from earlier ones (which already have a good answer).

Therefore, I updated the title to reflect that.


My computer has all of these requirements. It’s an specked out version of the certified FidelisGuard, but with some higher specs. See this other discussion:

I detail here some of my experiences setting up GPU passthrough