Panel disappears when switching workspace

Config :

  • Qubes 4.1 uptodate
  • devilspie2 installed
  • 5 workspaces (event with 2)

Problem :

  • When switching with mouse wheel or click on/to another workspace than the last one, the panel does not show anymore.
  • Only going to the last workspace again shows the panel again, as if the panel(s) were only connected to one fixed workspace.

Any idea on how to resolve that ?

That happened to me too. Basically I had some lua code in my devilspie2 config to assign windows to workspaces. One day I had the genius idea that I wanted all windows that I hadn’t otherwise assigned to default to a specific workspace.

Long story short: my code ended up assigning the panel (which is a window) to a specific workspace. I bet that’s what’s happening for you too.

If you don’t see it, post your devilspie2 lua code.

Thank you. My code is:

qube = get_window_property("_QUBES_VMNAME");
ws = 0;

if qube == "personal" then
   ws = 1
elseif qube == "work" then
   ws = 2
elseif qube == "vault" then
   ws = 3
elseif qube == "untrusted" then
   ws = 4
elseif qube == "" then
   ws = 5

if ws > 0 then

If I had to guess…you might want to surround the above with a test to see if the window property exists first and skip the whole block if not?


That catches all dom0 windows and assigns them to workspace 5.

I’d recommend reading this article and then use the debug print function along with --debug to understand how to identify the panel and exclude it from the rule(s).

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The link to “this article” doesn’t appear to actually go anywhere.

Sorry, here is the link: