Owner/Group/VM Model

Hey, I’ve been doing a lot of Qubes development recently and I wanted to post this idea here in case anyone has any insight. What would be stopping us from introducing a new file attribute so that every file is assigned an owner, group, AND a VM (and possibly a View). This wouldn’t be a catch-all but what are the limiting factors involved with adding a new Linux file attribute designating which VMs to run certain files.

I’m wondering how I can get these KDE plugins that require an internet connection to run in dom0. Or am I just supposed to use sys-gui? But that’s no good because I’m wondering how I can make a set of HVMs run with GPU passthrough…

Anyway, it would be cool if we could make dom0 have two new file attributes:

  1. The VM to run the file (in an environment similar to dom0 without all the important stuff)
  2. The View boolean attribute which we could set to true on any file that makes changes to the dom0 UI - this attribute would mirror the side effects from the VM to the system GUI

I think in the future, Qubes will need to start spawning mini inner-Qubes to keep up with AI adware.

I’m guessing there are probably better ways of solving the issue of being able to give everything GPU acceleration and integrate programs with the UI that require internet access. Do any of you 14 year old prodigies have better ideas?