Overlapping windows from different domains

I seem to recall that there was a security/privacy concern regarding overlapping the windows of more secure or trusted domains with other VM windows - presumably because it might be possible for the screen information to “leak”. I think it was around 2018? Possibly due to meltdown or spectre bugs - but it might also have been a graphics concern. I can’t remember.

Anyway, is this still at least a theoretical concern? I find myself carefully aligning windows so that my VMs don’t overlap. Is there any potential benefit to doing this or is it just the ghost of Christmas past that I am appeasing?

Really? No one? I thought for sure this would bring up at least a nostalgic reply. Maybe @adw remembers? I’m sure that this was a concern at some point. I vaguely recall that it was theoretical so it was just considered a good idea not to overlap trusted and untrusted VM windows. iirc, the potential attack was just read-only. I would love to know if this concern has finally been squashed or if it’s still a good idea to keep unique VM windows away from each other.

Maybe you misremember #3267 … note: all those windows run in the same qube / VM. So there is no leaking of information.

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Misremembering is one of my strong suits, so that’s entirely possible. That very well may be what I’m thinking of. Thanks.

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