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Hello friends, I want to setup a own vpn, do you guys have any recommendations for a Server (privacy oriented) which I can rent for this??

Ultimately I would like to setup the vpn on my own dedicated servers with own IP ranges, but I dont know how to do that anonymously. Because the VPN will be related to my name and if only I use the VPN then it does not have any benefits, so I need to go with the first option, if there is a possibility to do the second option anonymously you can tell me also.

You can’t get privacy/anonymity if you setup your own VPN server, even if you do everything to pay and access the server anonymously you will still be the only one connecting to it and the traffic will always come back to you. Your best bet would be a commercial VPN or to simply use Tor with Whonix.

Okay so if I make own VPN I would need atleast some users who use the Server with me right?

But if there will be no logs and so on, the only way to deanonymize would be if someone watches the connection live or not, if I use own VPN + Tor wouldnt it make sense even I use it alone?

Not “some users”, a lot of users. You need constant traffic on the server from multiple sources if you want to hide.

No log means nothing. You can have no logs on your server but the ISP, that gives you internet access, can log everything that comes in/out. Most ISP are obligated to log, even if a country doesn’t force it, you can’t know what the ISP is doing so you can’t rely on that.
Tor + VPN is a no, it’s even more dangerous if you add something where you are alone. Tor is already safe as it is, don’t add other static layer for nothing. Guard node are already a thing, if you want to hide your traffic from your ISP, you can find a bridge and use obfuscation.

What do you mean by VPN doesnt help when the ISP log, the ISP in this case will only see the connection to the VPN IP, how is that relevant enough?

If they log, they can easily correlate between your IP coming in the server and the traffic going out the server IP. They can know what you did even if you don’t log anything on the server. That’s why Tor use at least 3 servers for its circuits.

What is the main motive for setting up your own?

Do you want full control, and/or run as much as possible on your own hardware?

Or is anonymity what you are seeking?

You might be able to combine these things setting a Mysterium node, the traffic you receive payment for from others would mix in with your own, but with the added risk of not knowing what the heck they’re doing of course…

There are other dVPNs too, its worth looking into. Bitmask/RiseupVPN are free versions based on the same, anarchic principles :slight_smile:

Can you link me to a more deep explanation to this, I know they can see the amount of traffic and the timestamps, but how possible it is that they exactly know which service Im using(after the vpn) how much metadata is really leaking with that.

The motive is both, I want to have full control and most possible anonymity, I dont know why I should trust a dvpn more than a normal VPN, because in my opinion there is even more chance of bad nodes

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When you use a VPN, you are doing traffic forwarding. If they see that you’re sending incoming traffic and that it goes instantly out it’s easy to understand what’s happening.

Its easy to understand that Im using a VPN, but what they now what is inside the traffic?

They don’t see the traffic, but they know where it’s going and where it came from. That’s why being alone on a server can’t give you any privacy/anonymity.

OK lets say I have setup

Isp-vpn(alone)- visiting facebook,

how exactly technically ISP does know that I visit Facebook?

Your ISP don’t know it, I was talking about the server ISP. If you are alone and doing a lot of things on it, everything will be traced back to the server IP which gives no privacy/anonymity since the server ISP know who contact the server and where the traffic is going.

Yeah thats why I was confused, thats why my Entry question was how can I set it up anonymous

I don’t really see the point. When it’s up you’re going to use it and give your IP.