Open Qube Manager tray icon missing VMs

It started with sys-usb (disposable) not showing up now sys-whonix is not listed there either and i have to open the Qube Manager to restart / stop.

Anything i can do?

Sounds like worth cutting a bug report.

So far i cannot reproduce it easily.

When you reproduce it, terminate qui-domains. It’ll restart automatically and then check if all qubes are there. They will be. It’s some race condition on start up, when there’s a lot of start up qubes, at least in my case.

These race conditions could most likely be part of some other problems i am facing even though i believe in this case of the tray icon i have tested exactly what you suggested and sys-whonix did not show up after a restart. Will test again though and make sure nothing else is hogging CPU.

Wish i knew how to spot these race conditions and / or fine tune for my Hardware.