Open email attachments or files in dispVM

Hello everyone,

I saw this project in github, i´m not the owner but i see this could have the potential to be better than qubes-convert-pdf (it could convert virtually any file)

Main url

github repo

github repo container

but why?

bypassing virustotal

sorry for the cache, but the original its no more online.

So, the question is, using the power qubes.filecopy RPC in the inter copy vm domain, and the
qvm-open-in-vm, you could open files downloaded with the browser or in an client email attachment

Do you think this idea could work?

lets begin a polite discussion.


If I understand your suggestion, then that idea works, and works well -
in fact, I stopped using the qvm-convert utilities for my own files -
only use them now for files I’ll be passing on.

I use a thin mail reader (mutt), and a split-mail setup to
receive,read and send mail. Mutt runs in an offline qube with an
extensive mailcap that loads any files in an offline disposableVM,
that has all the usual “office” programs. The mailcap just has, e.g. :
application/msword;qvm-open-in-dvm %s

Any attachments I open automatically open in an offline disposable VM -
little risk.

I have the same in disposableVMs that I use for web browsing.

The qubes I use for file storage and work are all based on minimal
templates with custom mimeapps.list - again, because I cant open most
files in those qubes, they are automatically opened in offline
Qubes makes it very easy to use this sort of arrangement.