Onionshare 2.3 chat not working

Hi all,

last night onionshare 2.3 was released. After 2.2 and even 2.3dev2 was working really fine I find 2.3 not working to a certain degree. I can install it via snap (debian10) - but the chat function is not working. Flatpak install (from file) not working - neither under debian10 nor whonix-ws. Unfortunately there is no deb-package as under 2.2.

Any ideas?

Best regards…

This issue seems to be unrelated to Qubes. In these cases it’s always better to go instead to the project’s issues page. A bug was reported just one hour after your post here:

interesting… i had a issue with it saying that there was no memory available i assume it had something to do with the dynamic allocation of memory not to mention the use of lvm
so i just let it go since it felt like a wast of time trying to fix (in my case it wasn’t important but still)
did you try uploading files/anything other then the chat function?

Closing this one down as it is not Qubes-specific. Please do address the issues where the Onionshare developers may see: