Nvidia driver installation

I installed the nvdia driver in dom0. Now how do I run games?

first, there will no 3d acceleration outside dom0, so playing game is not a good idea
also you shouldn’t run anything in dom0
anyway, if accept the risk, what game you what to play

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Are there any way of checking hash or signature of NVIDIA drivers?

Why do you add rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau and disable it in 11? If you install the driver, you want to use it, but now you diable it.

nouveau is the open-source driver, you need to disable it to be able to use the driver from nvidia

Are there two drivers for Nvidia cards? One is nouveau and the other is from Nividia website like NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-460.67.run?

nouveau is a free and open-source graphics device driver for Nvidia video cards

Yes, it’s two different drivers.

Have error for 5.10.90 kernel. I didn’t install 5.9.14 kernel you mentioned because I think 5.10 is greater than it.
This command succeeded qubes-dom0-update gcc kmod grub2-tools perl-bignum make

make: *** No rule to make target 'module'.  Stop.