Not enough space on disk?

Im currently installing qubes and when I try to select a local storage device it says 1.3 MiB free even though the hard disk has over 470 GiB and when I try to free up space I can’t select the actual hard disk and only empty winre_drv.

How do you try to free up space? Did you try to actually reclaim space? Did you wiped your disk before starting installation?
Not enough info at all

What local device is this? How is it connected?

Is it necessary to wipe the disk before installing? Sry for replying that late

Well, it helped me to wipe it first, and then I reclaimed 80%, leaving the rest for overproisioning and when it is needed to extend dom0, or anything.

What exactly is dom0 and how can I “access” it?

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Ok, thx, I’ll try to wipe my disk first, but do i then need to formate my wiped disk new or in a certain way or should wiping be enough?
(Sry if not everything is understabdable, my English is not the best)

wiping is enaugh.