No WiFi in sys-net settings


I’m trying to connect to WiFi using sys-net settings but I can see nothing but «VPN» and «Network proxy» in Network tab. How can I fix it? Are there any other ways to connect to WiFi?

Thanks for your time

Only works with Gnome-based vm template-based qube

Thank you for your answer! I don’t get how to connect to WiFi then :smile:
Could you please explain in to me?
Sorry for being stupid, I’m a total beginner

If you run in a Fedora template, it should work. If it doesn’t, try to reboot or sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.

If you use a debian template, you might have to install the wifi drivers in your template first (usually iwlwifi or so).

@HPOA909, it sound potentially like your wifi hardware is either faulty, not detected, or missing firmware.

There is also something weird going on with Intel’s iwlwifi firmware inside Qubes VMs and the latest kernel build involving the AX210 chips from Intel.

Would you be able to open a sys-net terminal and type the following commands:

lspci -k
lsmod | grep wifi

and post the output here?

This will:

  • List all PCI devices that have been passed through to sys-net (if your wifi card is built-in)
  • List all USB devices attached to sys-net (in case it’s a wifi dongle)
  • List all loaded kernel modules with “wifi” in the name

Feel free to redact any information you like from the output (serial numbers, PCI ID numbers, etc.) if you feel the need for it. If you’ve redacted something that is actually relevant information, we’ll let you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Once we know that, we can start ruling out some things, and get your wifi working :slight_smile:

Depending on the hardware, it could be the kernel version you’re using.