No VPN option in debian based vm

So, I tried creating a debian based standalone vm for setting up a vpn. But even after adding the Network-manager in services tab, I cannot find the vpn setup drop list. all vpn options are disabled. I simply cannot import a .ovpn profile in it. However, vpn setup on fedora based vms work. But I need this setup on debian, not fedora. Any guidance?
I’ll provide more info if I know what you need.

I had a similiar issue and went with installing the VPN via CLI as described here:

hope that helps

You will need to install the openvpn plugin for Network Manager. This
should give you what you need:

apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome openvpn

BTW, if you want a simplified non-Network Manager VPN setup that takes
care of anti-leak measures, have a look at my project here: