No space left

I should have about 200 gig’s of free space on my hard drive, but when I try to unzip a file mobian-pinephone-phosh it gives me an error No space left on device. How much space does a qube have? I tried to unzip that file in a qube I haven’t done anything in and got the same error. I think mobian is probably 3 gigs or so unzipped. So why am I out of space when I am not out of space?

The default space available in a VM is 2 GB. You have to expand it, which fortunately is very easy. Just go into Qube settings in the application menu for the VM you want to configure, and then update private storage max size to the size you want. You can do this without shutting down the VM.

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Oh thanks I feel stupid for not seeing that. I looked at everything except what was right in front of me.

I believe whatever the template it is based off, when new appvm is created will use the RAM and space that is config’d in the template for the new qube, I prefer 2 gb RAM, not the 4 that is the default