No sound for Qubes

Good afternoon everyone,
So I have my “soundbar” jacked in to the 3.5 mm stereo jack, (not using USB) for sound in to the motherboard and I have no sound.

I go into “sys-whonix” and “anon-whonix” to Devices, after I shut them down so I can add the PCI devices for sound and I highlighted and move the 2 sound devices over for both. But when I click “apply” I get these errors…

-You’ve enabled dynamic memory balancing,some devices might not work…(well I never enabled this,so I don’t know why it’s telling me this)
-Error: Devices tab, can’t attach PCI devices to VM in PVH mode…(ok, how do I fix this)

Sucks not having any audio, can someone help out???

Thank you

  1. Why pass the sound through? You will only be able to have one AppVM playing sound at a time if you do so, and you cannot start an AppVM that has a PCI device set to be passed to it if another VM already has the PCI device passed to it. There is probably something else you should be checking, like the sound in the top right corner? Maybe click on it and then audio mixer
  2. Virtualization in the Advanced Tab, set it to HVM.
  3. Memory balancing is standard
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I have never had any sound. My browsers (firefox,Tor) still don’t have sound and this is what I am trying to figure out. I have check the mixer and it states it’s there

I got it fixed my friend, thank you for your help in this matter

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