No persistant safed network connections

I got a strange problem. If I restart the laptop, the network manager doesn’t use the already made connections. It wants to make new ones. So it makes wifi connection 1 instead of using wifi connection. So I must again manually adjust the settings for the network connection I use.

It happens also for wired connections. There I can see all of them if I start the network manager settings. But if I just right click on the network icon I see just “wired connection 1”. No other exist connections are listed there.


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I had the same problem for quite a while on a desktop system and in my situation the device name underneath that connection was switching to a different name each time. Something like “wl6” vs “wl7”, for each wifi network name device, adaptor addr, combination, which caused network manager to just create yet another entry.

I think I finally created a perminant entry for each of 4 permiatations and it finally just selected one of the four preexisting entries.

Why did the adaptor flip flop? I don’t know, but it stopped giving me problems with the latest Qubes upgrade. The problem somehow resolved itself, or at least I have not needed to play with it again. When I get onto that system next time I’ll take a closer look.

the thing is, I already created permanent entry for LAN and Wifi, but it takes no effect, it just keep making new ones or doesn’t show the created ones. BUT sometimes (just as now) it shows me the existing LAN connections. So it seems to be a very strange problem.

Ok, I got on that system so I can now see the proper device naming and give you a little more specific info. I while I was playing with it, I named each connection “network-name device-name” “network-name device-name MAC-ADDR” so I could keep track of which specific combinations was being used so I could figure out what it was doing.

When it creates a connection, under “Edit Conntecions…” open the new connection. Under the “Device” tab it is a drop-down selection which will only display the device configuration that is current at the time. There are more possible combinations that you will not see right now, and next time it may be different.

Right now I see two entries “Wls6” and “Wls6 (some MAC-ADDR1)” and my current entry selected is the one without the MAC address. You may need to have one for each. Then next time I restart I may see “Wsl7” and “Wsl7 (some MAC-ADDR2)” and I would need to create two new configurations for that same network but possibly with each different device both with and without the MAC. I think the one without the MAC is more of a wild-card than the one with, but you will need to play around with it to see if the MAC is always with the same interface name or not. I’m just going by memory right now and your system may behave differently than mine did.

Each time you start the network you need to look at the new connection that was made and see what combination of devices/ADDR are available in that Device drop-down and create a “named configuration” with that specific combination, and name it appropriately so you can keep track of what combinations are being created and/or reused. Eventually you will have one named configuration for each possible and it will stop creating new ones and start using ones you have named appropriately. Once you figure out which entries work for you then you can delete any unused combinations you may have created.

Under the “Edit Connections…” you will see a “Last Used” column that will help you keep track of these entries if you bothered to name them appropriately. I currently have two entries (Wsl6,Wsl7) for one network name and one for another network (Wsl7) but the weird thing is only the current one says “5 minutes ago” while all the others currently say “never” which means that this "last-used’ value does get reset at some point, probably during update/upgrade.

Sorry, I don’t know why it was doing this or even when exactly it stopped needing this for me, but it eventually it settled down and only used what I had already configured there and stopped making new connections each time.

I just hope someone with more knowledge of NetworkManager might chime in and say why these device names would need to keep flip-floping between these various parameters. I am still very curious why this happened but since it stopped happening I can not really go back and investigate. I thought at the time it was only me so never said anything.

And, in which VM do you create these connections, and how do you try to make them permanent?

wow, thanks! I will try to figure it also out.

I make them in sys-net via grafical network manager. This VM is based on minimal template of fedora.

you need to copy it to /rw/config/NM-system-connections/ of fedora dvm-template on which sys-net is based and delete all unwanted but found there.

my sys-net is NOT based on dvm-template, but on fedora minimal.

So, did you try to put it there in a template, to shutdown template and then restart sys-net?

I don’t understand why. Are the settings in network manager not useful or not persistant?
And I have no " NM-system-connections" in /rw/config in my sys-net template