No Networking even though the Connection is recognized [Ryzen 5000] [Desktop]

Hey there.
This Problem is as far as I can tell connected to Hardware Support related to New installation from usb fails to boot · Issue #6447 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Im using a Desktop PC with a Ryzen 9 5900X Processor and the MSI MPG 550 Gaming Plus Motherbord.

I was able to get my System Setup through CPU Pinning and I was able to get sys-net connected with the kernelopt set to pci=nomsi as MSI-X(?) seems to not be supported.

Now the Connection is really unstable and I am lucky if I can ping my router for a few seconds.

I was even able to browse the Internet smoothly for a few minutes once after switching the sys-net vm to debian and reducing the vcpu count to 1 altough I was not able to reproduce it since.

Normally a Ping results in lots of Destination Host Unreachable and sometimes successfull pings with multiple seconds of latency.

I am fairly new to Qubes and can Upload specific logs if someone can tell me which ones and where to find them.

Any help in regards to pinpointing the issue or even getting it to work will be very much appreciated! :smiley: