New YouTube Qubes OS tutorial (by CYBER Wad_)

moderator edit: WARNING some technical imprecision exist in these guides, some of which may compromise your security. Find them here.

These guys did a series of Qubes OS tutorial, published 3 weeks ago. And they seem to be good and more or less accessible to people new to Qubes.


Bummer. I spoke to soon. This is the second recent Qubes OS youtube introd / tutorial that states that the creators of Qubes “forgot to turn on the Internet” in the Template VMs, and then recommends to fix this but connecting the TemplateVM to sys-net. These tutorials by Youtube-producers non-day-to-day-Qubes-users are slightly useful, and somewhat dangerous.



To give a bit more context, the guy does this in order to run the graphical “Software” for fedora. This is the only way to currently install via the graphical interface and for many beginner users I think this would be better than not using Qubes at all because the terminal scares them away or because they can’t discover software.

Later on in the guide he does recommend users install the Synaptic package manager for installing software through a graphical interface.

So I actually think this advice is not ill-intentioned or misdirected, but rather as genuine advice for someone who is not yet comfortable with the terminal.

I’ve started a thread on this to hear some other opinions:


Errata of CYBER Wad_ youtube Qubes series

Mistakes that may lead to security problems:

Other mistakes:


GUI application or not this is bad advice. It’s trivial to run GUI
updater through a proxy in the templates.

Is it possible to add your comments to the video, with brief

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I know it is bad advice. My question is, to what extent? Especially for users who have never touched a terminal.

I have created a dedicated thread for this (named “GUI-only software instalation: Thoughts?”)

Do you mean the youtube comments? or on the original post as a warning to other users on the forum?


Thanks for bringing the issue up @oijawyuh. And for bringing the guide in the first place. I think overall a lot of effort has been put into making that tutorial, it’s just mainly that imprecision that may lead to security problems.

We are still waiting to a good recent comprehensive video guide, then. Who knows, maybe someone in the community might be working on that as we speak :slight_smile:

I’ve added a disclaimer at the top of your post to warn potential viewers.

Well, on youtube it will have to be someone else. But I’ve added a comment in the first post.