New usability issues - Dom0 processes making system unusable

I’ve been using Qubes OS for many years. I now have it installed on a Dell Latitude. It’s working normally. In recent weeks, I have had to restart it 3 or 4 times because the session becomes unsuable. By this I mean that anything I launch or do takes 10 to 20 seconds - instead of the usual speedy start/execution. I haven’t been able to identify a trigger. Dom0 CPU goes up significantly as CPU usage in some Qubes. These are screenshots including when I shutdown the computer. It took a few minutes more for the computer to shutdown. The screenshot is where it hangs.
I am willing to share Dom0 logs of when this happened today. Where can I find these logs?
Would anyone know what is doing wrong?

Screenshot_2023-04-29_16-36-07 edited

I am facing one more new usability problem that may be related. This past week for the first time some Qubes with 400 MB Initial Memory and 4000 MB Max Memory are stuck at 400 MB and are unusable. These are two screenshots. Browse Qube is stuck at 400 MB RAM, and Disposable Whonix disp9125 is also stuck at 400 MB RAM.
This problem was only fixed after rebooting Qubes OS. My computer has 32GB RAM.



What changes have you made to dom0? New packages? Customizations?

I very recently installed mirage firewall after building it. The first symptom that I posted (system slowdown to the point of unusability) pre-dates mirage firewall. The second symptom, Qubes locked at 400 MB RAM, is after mirage firewall install.
I did not change to Dom0 otherwise in recent months - other than regular updates.

Possibly related. Usually my laptop is VERY slow after waking back up, and I can hear the cooling fans going like crazy. Waiting several minutes doesn’t do anything, either (so it seems as if it’s not just some big process that needs to complete…unless it’s really big).

It’s to the point where I don’t bother to suspend it, I just shut it down before closing it, and then reboot it. I haven’t complained because that’s now my standard workflow.

I don’t believe I’ve installed anything significant in dom0 itself.

What I should do is run top if I’m ever in that situation again.

Browsing can quickly request more than 4000 MB RAM. Do you have this issue only when browsing the web with ‘normal’ and ‘whonix’ AppVMs or also without any web-browser (or just one)?

I’m stuck at 400 MB RAM when the maximum should be 4000. The browser doesn’t even start to function.

I don’t have suspend on this laptop. For some reason, I cannot suspend. I only do shutdown.

I am having the same issue. After starting to use mirage-firewall, this happened. Doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. But I can’t explain why, either.

Also, the 400MB qube gets more memory after some time. For instance, yesterday it was stuck at 400MB. I have suspended it last night. This morning, it is using around 4000MB.

The lack of suspend might be related to something else, because my laptop can suspend and resume.

The issue (EDIT: the 400MB issue) was due to a huge memory pressure on the system and mirage-fw telling Xen that there was free memory (since boot). A fix for this behavior will be included at some point and a new release cutted (Memory allocation problem (remains in low allocation, for minutes) - #20 by palainp or something similar).