New software from EFF

This appears to be the updated version of Panopticlick. ( redirects here now.)

I’ve always found it interesting that they check this:

Unblocking 3rd parties that honor Do Not Track? No

I sort of understand where they’re coming from, but after years of tracking abuse, I personally have zero inclination to unblock supposedly “good” third parties who claim to honor Do Not Track.

From the FAQ:

What does the dnt-policy.txt promise mean?

Posting the dnt-policy.txt file makes a promise to the users who interact with their domain. We believe it would be a false and misleading trade practice to post the policy without the intent to comply in good faith. However, EFF is not in a position to enforce this promise or monitor compliance.

So, there’s no monitoring, much less enforcement. Call me jaded, but I won’t be unblocking anything any time soon…