New posts count on browser tab?

Before I signed up, there was a handy count of new messages on the browser tab. Now that I’ve signed up, this is gone. Any way to get it back?

Possibly a browser extension/addon conflict.

Hey @QubicRoot!

Not sure if this is what you’re talking about but there is a profile setting to enable Show counts on browser icon. I guess this will show the number of messages there. See if enabling it works.

Access your settings here: (for other users seeing this just replace “QubicRoot” with your usersname)

Thanks @deeplow. I thought that might be it and have had it checked for a while now, but still nothing shows on the browser tab. Any other ideas?

Also, (feel free to make this a separate topic if you think it’s significant enough) on other forums, for signed-in users, the Reply box is already open at the bottom of a topic allowing for immediate reply w/o extra pointer movement & click - is that possible on this forum?

Thanks for the work to set this up! It’s much preferred over the former & contributing is do-able now. It’d be nice if the devel side were here too - could be another category?


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A post was split to a new topic: (request) Already-open reply box at end of thread

I’m out of ideas. Sorry. If you manage to figure out let me know what fixed it.

You’re welcome! I’m glad people are happy with it! Hopefully we’ll now be able to reach more community members that didn’t fell compelled to participate in the previous forums (fora?) (myself included).

I think for now the developer’s discussions will stay off the forum for now. But if in the future the developers show interest in switching to the forum, I’ll gladly create a category. Quoting @michael from another post:


Re. count on tab: Will do.

Re. devel: As someone who’s lurked for a while, I recall a number of “post this in the other forum” responses. Which a number of us now newly here most likely wouldn’t do… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Does this refer to formal issue reporting on qubes-issues? Or to the qubes-devel?

No - just posts in qubes-users & qubes-devel in the Google world.

Ah. I see. I might have posted some of those, but not in the sense of telling people to go and discuss there, but rather for them to check the results of previous conversations about that (but provided in those cases links to instead of the google-groups).

I think we’re at cross purposes here. I wasn’t talking about posting here vs. back at Google. I was talking exclusively about the time before this Discourse forum came to be - sometimes there would be responses of not this (Google) forum, post in that (Google) forum.

Ah. I see. Yup that’s a thing sometimes.

@deeplow: It’s back!!! I haven’t the time to rigorously debug it, but it seems to be a combination of Preferences; and possibly whether or not Discourse is the open tab. New to Discourse, I have been changing preferences without keeping good track figuring they were discreet. However, this seems to be some combination of some or all of

  • Notifications->Notifications->Consider topics new when - currently set to created since I was here last
  • Notifications->Live Notifications - currently Disabled
  • Interface->Other->Show counts on browser icon - currently selected
  • Interface->Other->Background page title displays count of: - currently set to New page content

New page content seems to show the count of new or updated topics; New notifications seems to show the count of notifications to me - i.e., the number that appears on my icon top right.

Where the last visit line is placed may also be affected by these settings? It’s showing now based on my last reload of the page…

Anyway, now that it seems to be working again I won’t touch it unless someone else comes up with a more definitive answer!

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Happy to hear! Let’s hope this is not a Heisenbug