New, performant, light laptop advice

See also: Hardware brands which you trust to run Qubes.

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guys my xpg xenia 14 came pls help instqll 1ubes prqllel 2ith stock

open a new thread

I did hehre it is Xpg xwni 14 INSTALLATION PARALLEL Q

By the way any word on increased battery consumtion after adding RAM?
XPG Xenia 14 1 i5intel 16gb single stick 500gb SSD intel integrated GPU and another sodimm slot empty, I installed a 32gb stick in addition to the stock 16gb, expected to see 48gb in the system specs, but only 32gb shows up and battery is draining crazy fast. Took out the extra 32 and battery is back to normal. Running stock Win10 regular office use, no videos or games or foto/video editing.

My bad, somehow I got confused, I thought that bought an additional 32gb stick, but in fact I bought a 16gb. Recently went through my amazon orders and saw that it’s only a 16gb.

You asked for a new thread, I did, I thought you are willing to advise on my concern?