New laptop choice

Hi, I’ve recently asked about NitroPad X230 but most likely I will not decide to buy that one, as there is maximum of 16 GB RAM that can be bought with that one and I consider 32 GB RAM as the minimum. Could you, please, help me to choose the best laptop, preferably one that can be bought in Poland for no more than 10 000 PLN (equivalent of 2200 EUR)? I need the best possible support of QubesOS and ease of installation. I prefer not to mess with its hardware by myself. Thanks in advance for your help!

PS Why is it written that “Qubes Windows Tools are currently unmaintained”? There are at least two big applications that require Windows and cannot be launched on Linux that I need to use. That’s why I also want to install Windows 10 x64 Pro on Qubes. Being able to launch Windows games on the laptop would be a nice-to-have :).

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Look at Tuxedo, I believe they are EU for Linux laptops. should have no issues for qubes install (besides maybe sys-net requiring a 5.8+ kernel and iwlwifi.disable=rxq_1 kernel option for new Intel cards).

Obtain kernel-latest-qubes-vm package on a usb and you can install just before rebooting on Qubes Install. Ctrl-Alt-F2, mount USB to /mnt/sysimage/mnt
chroot /mnt/sysimage/
cd /mnt
rpm -ivh --nodeps kernel-latest-qubes-vm

Then Ctrl-Alt-F6 to return to installer and reboot.

This way you can have working WiFi without having to require an Ethernet connection first to download the kernel. Note this would set all appVms to latest kernel, you can change default back to stable, and only change sys-net.

I have no experience with QWT or Windows VM in Qubes but I understand Windows 7 should work okay, and recommended to not be connected to any networking.

I would throw out any idea of gaming on a qubes laptop. It can be possible with a 2nd GPU (that is AMD) passed through to the VM, but again, no experience.


I am a happy user of a Purism Librem laptop. Qubes works fast and flawlessly. (You will have to pay a tax when ordering to Europe, but you still can make it below 2200 EUR).

QWT currently runs on Qubes R4.0 and supports Windows 7 and 10, the latter a bit awkwardly, but it can be installed in such a way that it works. See Qubes Windows Tools in the documentation.

QWT for R4.1 is currently work in progress; it runs partially for Windows 7 but still has unresolved problems for Windows 10. See Testing Windows and QWT in R4.1

If your budget is there go for either Purism or System 76 would be my suggestion.

But if you were looking for a x230 then you might not have those bucks. You could look at a Lenovo w530 which is sort of a big x230. If you get one with a quad processor it will take 32gb. They are available with a variety of processors as well.

I make the recommendation with me just having bought one but not received it yet. I haven’t run qubes yet, but I anticipate that it will be fine, as is my x230.

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