New(er) Motherboard - x570 chipset support?


I tried to build PC basing on HCL but unfortunately I bought used, corrupted AM4 Gigabyte x470 motherboard and I need to pick new.

Another ones in HCL are quiet “outdated” and I’d like to build PC usable, as long as it’s possible, that’s why I decided to pick x570 chipset and AMD Ryzen 7 3800X now (TBH I decided that way mostly because of that I’ve bought processor for previous motherboard, so I need to adjust my choices for it).

I’m going through manuals of couple motherboards but there are too less information to say - ok I’m 100% sure Qubes will work.

Question 1 - compatibility

Could You help me find out if they are ok?

  1. Asus Prime x570-p
  2. Gigabyte x570 gaming x
  3. Gigabyte x570 UD

Using CTRL+F “SVM” and “IOMMU” I found out in both there are both of them but how do I check RVI support?

Question 2 - What is exactly RVI?

On wikipedia there is: (…)AMD Opteron CPUs beginning with the Family 0x10 Barcelona line, and Phenom II CPUs, support a second generation hardware virtualization technology called Rapid Virtualization Indexing (formerly known as Nested Page Tables during its development), later adopted by Intel as Extended Page Tables (EPT).

As of 2019, all modern Zen-based AMD processors support AMD-V.

The CPU flag for AMD-V is “svm”. This may be checked in BSD derivatives via dmesg or sysctl and in Linux via /proc/cpuinfo .[19] Instructions in AMD-V include VMRUN, VMLOAD, VMSAVE, CLGI, VMMCALL, INVLPGA, SKINIT, and STGI.

So if I understood correctly, all 2019 support second generation of virtualization called RVI even if it’s just called SVM or AMD-V in vendors manuals? Is it right, isn’t it?

What do You think I should do? Maybe just ask official manufactures support?

Question 3 - another way

X570 isn’t supported? Do You think I should use different AM4 compatible chipset?

Bought, Tested, Reported :slight_smile: